testI’m a glaciologist and climber currently living in New Zealand. My PhD research targets the interaction between ice-sheets and the global ocean circulation. Knowledge about their relationship allows us to investigate the ice mass-balance of Antarctica in a warming world.

Methodologically I combine the glaciological disciplines (1) satellite remote sensing, (2) numerical computer simulations and (3) ground measurements to explore their synergistic effects. This strategy allows to fill gaps in our current understanding of ice behaviour in the Antarctic periphery and finally improves predictions of ice-sheet mass loss.

Personally, I consider living in New Zealand for three years a great privilege and try to spend every free minute exploring its mountains, climbing its boulders and discovering what is behind the next turn. It is not surprising that most outdoor trips end with “another life-changing experience”, even the “sagas which are just fun afterwards”. However, what I like most about glaciology is that it allows me not only to combine my work and private life, but also that it provides a great opportunity to make my contribution in being climate active.